Gruppo Folklorico
" I Strinari di Calabria"
Catanzaro - Calabria - Italia
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        The extensive repertoire of the Group, the result of passionate and methodical work of study and research, sweeps through the different historical periods that have most influenced the evolution of the Calabrian society and contains numerous specific references to the socio-cultural and musical infiltration due to the varied invasions and foreign dominations: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Germans, French, Spanish.
      The folk speech of "I Strinari di Calabria" is essentially regional, cannot be regarded as did its origin detached from the surrounding area, so the revival of paintings that make up the show also relate to the tradition of the other provinces of Calabria, coming to post harmonically, for the common matrix, most typically in towns traditions.
      Main feature of the repertoire is, undoubtedly, its organic, which allows you to not neglect any aspect of the ancient social life, highlighting all the moments of daily life: work and celebration, joy and sorrow, love and defiance, struggle and protest.

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