Gruppo Folklorico
" I Strinari di Calabria"
Catanzaro - Calabria - Italia
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       “I Strinari di Calabria”, founded in 1974 in the City of Catanzaro, have quickly take place in the nucleus of the most brilliants Italian folk groups for own accurate organization and for the maximum respect of the popular traditions between one rigorous scenic transposition.
         Group’s name it’s bind to pagan tradition of greek-roman period dedicated to dea “Straenia” that during centuries became Christmas roman catholic tradition and it’s fruit, at the same way of the “pictures” of the most traditional moment’s of calabrian folklore that the Group show during performances, of imposing and minute work of research conduct by Popular Tradition Study Center “Nino Padella”, founded and direct by Artistic Director of the Group, Diego Pratic˛, since 1980.
          In the same year, was born the children Group, called “I Piccoli Strinari”, for give serious and prepared love to own history and culture to the future components since younger.
          “I Strinari di Calabria” have take part in more of 1.500 performances all around the world, representing Italy in some of the most important Festivals and exhibitions.

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